The virtue of Kindness

I don’t think I’ve been very kind lately.  Not to myself, not to my colleagues, not to my husband and not to my kids.

I don’t think I’ve been that horrible… I don’t think I’ve been an ogre… but I don’t feel as if I’ve been kind.  And we need to be kind don’t we?  Kindness is important.

So what does Kindness mean?

Does it mean not pushing your kids when you know they are feeling a bit vulnerable?  Does it mean letting your husband relax rather than nag him to clean up when it’s his turn?  Does it mean not working back so you don’t resent working?  To get enough sleep so that your decisions at work are governed by fairness not tiredness?  Does it mean getting home on time to cook pancakes with your daughter?  Does it mean spending money on getting help so your kids have more support and you don’t stress about what to do for dinner?  Does it mean working less?  Doing (any) exercise?  Not drinking?

Does it mean just taking a deep breath and thinking “kindness first” before you say a word?

I don’t know, but for the next week, that is what I’m going to try.  Decisions based on kindness first.