The ethics of buying and selling online

So I bought a Chloromatic ESC 24/36/48 Replacement Cell yesterday online for my pool which is now greener than my lawn. And the lawn is green.

I shopped around and found one at a very good price – about $200 cheaper than any other store either online or actual. And in good faith – I bought it.

Today, I get a phone message… “Oh um hi, you ordered a replacement cell yesterday, and well we’ve just taken over the company and we’re losing so much money at that priceƂ and um, could you call me?” And she leaves an incomplete phone number.

I went back to the website and I can see they’ve upped the price to $665 – still $30 cheaper than all the competitors.

So what do I do? Play hard ball? After all I have my order confirmation email… and would they give me a discount if the day after I ordered they dropped their price? If it had been an actual store I would have it installed already. And I probably wouldn’t have bought it online if the price hadn’t been so much less.

Or, be compassionate – they have just bought the store apparently… she did sound a bit upset.

Or, compromise – ask for the cell at cost price and pay postage…

I’m on the horns of an ethical dilemma – what do you think I should do?

Update: Sometimes when you do nothing, the problem solves itself.

We have tried to contact you about the cell you purchased on our website. We are currently under new management as from July 1, 2007 and hadn’t realised that the companies that supply the cells have had a huge price rise. So we didn’t realise until you purchased it that we can’t even buy the cell for that price. If you can help us get the order up and running would you consider buying the cell for our “cost” price with FREE delivery.

Of course I graciously said yes.

And will use their business again.