Old friends

Out of the blue this month I received an email from my friends above who were coming out to Perth to see family. (unfortunately his father died before he could get here) It was a blast seeing them again EXACTLY how we remember them – apart from a certain girl growing up! My bridesmaid is now a high flying legal type in London and darl, if you’re reading this, we MUST NOT let so much time go by this time!!

My sister and her family have also been visiting and it has been great to see them again. Her poor husband broke his hip on his second day here which put rather a dampener on his holiday but we had fun!! And it was gorgeous seeing the kids play together.

And this is my beauty meeting a TV Star who has a funny expression on his face because he is saying “blue bear”. You might recognise him from Rollercoaster on the ABC.

Meanwhile I’m having a fun but not overly successful run in the teams event. Thursday night I was challenged (unwittingly) to get a card holder for my partner. Now card holders are what ancient old ladies use who have crippling arthritis, not fit young men.

Here’s our email conversation:

Partner: I got jabbed by staff immunisation for Hep B yesterday and my whole upper left arm is still really sore. Typing is a bit painful – I hope I can hold my cards up tonight!

Me: Would you like me to pick you up a card holder?

Partner: Yes please – can you get one with racing cars and pin-ups painted on it and a sticker – “I can’t even hold my cards, let alone my liquor…”

So I went to The Bridge Game Shop and found a fluoro yellow card holder, then I found some racing car stickers and made a sticker with the requested words on it. Okay – perhaps an extreme reaction. And I didn’t actually expect him to use it.

But he did! And I grinned every time. It was hilarious!!

I don’t think I’ll be seeing him use it again though.