Bridge Widower

Engineers’ wives may complain when their husbands travel to far flung places to build bridges and my “wife” may complain soon too as I slowly get caught up in the bridge world again.

I say slowly but it feels as if I’m obsessed. Suddenly reading novels seems pointless. Why would you when you have an advanced card play book to peruse? Work just seems to get in the way of my next bridge round and family? I was measuring the minutes of contact time with my children last week.

Well that makes it sounds worse than it is but I do love being back playing bridge – it’s such a great game. Of course I’m sure I’m the most frustrating person to play with as it takes me a while to catch on to the various conventions and remember them all.

As I have warned my various partners – I’m an intuitive player – and that’s NOT a good thing when it comes to bridge when it’s logic and statistics that make a great player.

Having said that, I note in the West’s column today that the only person making a certain 6H contract at a certain congress recently was the one who ‘went with her gut’ so perhaps there is hope for me yet.

And after the first week of the State Mixed Teams – we did have one win (out of three) against a very fine team (half of them are in the Nationals) – so all is not completely lost.

Going back to South Perth Bridge Club brought back heaps of memories. This is where I learned to play and it was a blast to meet up with all those players I used to know.

Okay okay – I know I’m obsessed. Anyone up for a game?