Last weekend I bowed to commercial pressure and bought the new Harry Potter book. Finished it Sunday night. What was it like? It was a Harry Potter book. Better than 5 I thought. I’ve always said 5 needed a better editor and I think JK agrees – according to an interview I read somewhere she said it was a bit long.

So yeah – I liked it. Who dies? Well you can probably guess from the first couple of chapters that it is between two significant characters in the novel and from there it comes down to whether you are more like Harry or more like Dumbledore as to who you think will die. That’s as close as I’m coming to a spoil.

Back at work properly now. And it felt good to have a proper defined role and to finally unpack my boxes. All that means that today is the first day of my proper weekend. It feels weird to have a weekend in the middle of the week but at the same time it allows me to potter about getting my washing sorted and looking at lighting/paint/carpet etc.

Today I have to design a breakfast bar, take my library books back, pay a couple of bills… oh and have lunch with Melissa. Tough eh?