First weekend

Well I’ve had my first “weekend” on a Wednesday/Thursday and now I’m nearly at the end of my first working weekend. It is a bit to get used to. On the one hand it’s quite nice working weekends because it is quiet – and I am much more efficient. I get to have my own show and there is or seems to be less interference. On the other, it stuffs up my social life a tad as Friday night is a write off because of the early Saturday start and of course most people socialise on the weekend so that could be a problem and you tend to be forgotten at work which is sometimes not such a great thing. And the Wed/Thur weekend doesn’t really feel like a weekend because everyone else is in work mode – I don’t see the kids but I have free time – we’ll see. I do like having a couple of days mid-week to get things done in.

On-air things seemed to go relatively smoothly – there are a couple of things I want to sort out in the studio like which are the best mikes for guests and the phone thing but overall not too bad – the new studios are lovely to work in if a little bit like a goldfish bowl.

Mmmm I’m tired. Can I go to bed at 4pm?