Happy New Year!

Just been to see Meet the Fockers which I have to say I loved. Of course it helped that we were in Gold Class – the last of Rory’s free tickets – but even so – lots of laughing out loud and boy do we need that in these times.

Anyway I found it a very amusing movie. Barbara Streisand and Dustin Hoffmann were hilarious as the Focker parents and Ben Stiller doesn’t disappoint. Robert de Niro is great as Mr Burns and the other two are ordinary and really immaterial to the script. Lots of Focker jokes which I must admit are pretty puerile but very funny and the baby is cute too.

While we were stuffing our faces in Gold Class the kids were practising independence by watching The Incredibles which they seem to think was “good” (Imogen) and “alright” (Hugo). More exciting was the 15 minutes they spent sans parents but with $10 each to spend in Timezone.

I continue to be impressed with the relief effort happening in Western Australia for the Tsunami victims – just when you think we’ve become a selfish nasty society something happens to show you that really we are good people just waiting for the opportunity to make a difference. The question is why do we have to wait for a disaster to happen?