Swinging in the Breeze

Firstly may I say that I live in possibly the safest of safe Liberal seats and so my vote either way is immaterial however I need to be able to live with my decision.

The dilemma facing me is this. On the one hand the status quo means just that for me… I don’t get any benefit from a returning Liberal government – despite their multi billion spending spree. I also don’t save my beloved Tassie forests.

On the other hand and while I think the Medicare Gold idea has some merit, if I vote Labor I am personally worse off. The Private Health policy will impact on me, the education policies are not going to help… And I don’t quite trust Labor to pull it off. For some strange reason my feeling is if the Liberals had come up with the Medicare Gold policy I would have more confidence it would work.

So do I go for personal benefit or greater good?

I mean obviously I will be voting Greens first (ease the middle class guilt) but they are never going to get in so my crucial second preference will come into play…

You would think after 6 weeks the decision would be easier.