Twinkle Toes

First of all let me introduce you to my latest footware – my knitted slippers – which I am wearing as I type, indeed I have hardly taken them off.


Now as a fashion statement I can hear you say that they are not as cool as my beloved Ugg Boots and you may be right but as the season changes these strike just the right balance of heat and warmth.

They were given to me by a listener at the Royal Show and tucked within was a little packet of chocolates and a card with some lovely words. I hope I was as appreciative to her then as I am now. I am in love with my slippers.

Today we went for a family jog – Groover, Dippity and I – which was a great start to the day. We had a hearty breakfast and scoured the home expo places for ideas for our summer house. Then Dipp and I watched Brother Bear together – including ALL the extras and it was lovely.