Quick catch up

Seriously interwebs – you haven’t been keeping me to account.  What slackness!

Mostly on my behalf I confess.

Anyway a post on my trip to the Melbourne hinterland when I locate my photos… in the meantime… things have been a bit middling on the exercise front.

So where were we…

Week post Bunbury regatta:

  • Sunday:  no rowing but an 8k walk with Groover
  • Monday:  nuffing
  • Tuesday:  rowing
  • Wednesday: step class with Hannah!!!
  • Thursday: nothing – caught a plane…
  • Friday:  Walk to the top of Hanging Rock
  • Saturday: 3-hour trail ride – man from snowy river style – if he walked the whole way.

Last week:

  • Sunday:  walked around the garden – quite pleasant – quite a big garden (10ha).  Danced at wedding.
  • Monday:  Walked down to coffee shop and back up with 4-year-old.  Steepish hill.  (clutching at straws a bit here)
  • Tuesday:  rowing
  • Wednesday:  nothing
  • Thursday: nothing… I did walk to the train station and back but that’s about it.
  • Friday: rowing
  • Saturday: nothing, but did come 4th in a bridge congress netting me $30.  Yay go me.

Next regatta is on Satuday 8th June at Champion Lakes.

Really need to focus on some of that fitness stuff.