Forced fun

Egg timer at art night

The other night we hung out with young people.

When I say young I’m guessing early 30s to mid 20s.

The Groover works with a couple and it was their home we went to.

We made art, and played pictionary… as a warm up of course.

Totally fun.

And I didn’t feel that old

Maybe hanging out with younger people makes you feel young.

I suspect our hostess would have appreciated my Christmas activities.

She calls it “forced fun”.

You know, where you organise activities – games, painting Easter eggs, painting, tie-dying teeshirts (which we’ve TOTALLY got to do for Christmas one year)…

I just call that awesome.

we survived our first race

Speaking of hanging out with young people.

I competed in my first ever rowing race the other weekend. That photo above is post race. As you can see I survived.

I was in a boat with four under-26ers, and four masters women (aged 28 – pictured, 33, moi and 53).

We get to the line, the whistle goes and the four open women go nuts!

Seriously fast.

We’ve not done more than 20 strokes in a row at that pace and we’ve got SIX KILOMETRES to go.

I thought I might die.

My strategy was to hang on and try not to crab. (get the oar caught)

Do you remember that episode of The Goodies where they are trying to make cricket interesting and they get out these ACME power boots which make their feet move fast (all the cricketers are super old)?

I felt like I was in a ACME Rowing Machine.

(here’s the link – the boots make an appearance around the 4 minute mark)

Meantime I hear there are sharks in the Swan River… I suspect our time this weekend will be fast.

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