Your greatest weakness

Interviewer:  So perhaps you could tell us your greatest weakness…

Applicant:  Well I guess my greatest weakness is that I can get caught up in a job and feel compelled to finish it up – to the point where I will lose track of time.


I started making a dress for my baby girl last night and found I just couldn’t stop!

At 1.15 I thought I should call it a night.

At 3am said baby girl woke me up with a headache.

I am soooooooooooooo tired.

Hey but the dress is coming together!

2 Replies to “Your greatest weakness”

  1. Well I’ve borrowed this one and I can’t work out how to use all the features like blind hem stitching.

    So I think maybe throw a bit more money at the problem…

    That said, I probably won’t buy one for the one time a year I use it.


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