Geraldton 2008

I love this photo – my two gorgeous ones laughing and enjoying being kids on a swingy roundabout.

But they won’t be able to do that again.

The fun police – the wrap your children in cotton wool brigade – have decided that it’s too dangerous.

I’m in Geraldton and I discover to my SHOCK that the Merry Go Round by the Sea otherwise known as the 50 cent swing has been clamped to the ground!

Where is the fun in that I ask you???

It’s a seat.

Merry Go Round


Merry go round

Not happy. (despite the photo)

9 Replies to “Merry-not-go-round”

  1. Yeah, it’s like the old see-saws don’t really exist any more. They all have the springs up and down. What’s the point of playgrounds if kids can’t have fun, and if there’s the odd injury – well that’s part of growing up.

  2. Yep… not happy Jan! I grew up playing on that thing. It, the yellow submarine and the moreton bay fig trees – all along that stretch, were some of the best fun that could be had within 100m of the beach.

    Then they cut the trees trunks – so you couldn’t climb up the trees anymore. We used to be able to go from branch to branch in those trees and hardly touch the ground.

    Then they got all barky about kids clambering on the Submarine (remember the train that used to be in Maitland Park at all? It’s gone too.)- policing it and shoo-ing kids away from it.

    They’ve had their eye on the “50c Swing” for a long time now – and it’s finally happened!

    Shame on you City of Geraldton/Greenough… I’m about done with the overprotective-ness of our local governments. But I’m sure not surprised by it…


  3. Oh my gosh, where in Geraldton is this (former) swing? I remember going on it on my first trip up there when I was in year eight but had completely forgotten about it since, and I’ve been back to Geraldton at least four times!

  4. No wonder Randolph Stow passed away…it must have been the shock at hearing how stupid they have become…Dad
    ps I love that photo too.

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