How to fix a sliding door

Our well used sliding doors into the granny flat and out of the back doors have been bumpy and sticky for a while now.

The door to the cabana (our granny flat) so bumpy as to actually bump out of the track which is why we had banned the kids from hanging out in there.

Over the holidays I had tried to get a man in to fix them little realising that I slept with such a man every night.

To be fair, Groover didn’t know he was that man either until a recent trip to the hardware shop to buy a new toilet seat (cracked for at least six months).

There he saw roller thingys…

So this weekend we set about fixing our sliding doors which really should be called rolling doors as they roll along on these little wheels.

You know, I’d never even thought about how sliding doors worked. I guess I imagined ball bearings if anything.

Anyway they don’t “slide” if the little wheels look like this:

It took us a while to get them out and we undid screws that didn’t need undoing and were tricky to get back in.

Basically with this roller all you need to do is loosen the little screw at the top of the unit… this is the one that adjusts the height of the rollers – there is only one screw. Don’t take it all the way out!

Then it’s just a matter of tapping in the new unit, adjusting the rollers to the minimum height, replacing the door and then raising the roller until the door “slides” smoothly.

Piece of piss really.

And it only took us about ALL DAY to do the three doors that needed their rollers replacing.

Of course they had different rollers so a second trip to the hardware store was required!

The rollwes were between $12-$16 each and with a number of screwdrivers and two people to remove the doors and encourage one another the job was easily accomplished by two handy-noobs.

And it was a lot more satisfying than writing an outrageous cheque to a fellow who might do it in five minutes.

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  1. It might have taken you all day, but now that you know how to do it, next time will be much quicker. So satisfying to find that something is simple to repair and then do it yourselves.

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