A wee trowel

Hasn’t it been hot?!

43 degrees on Sunday – and Groover and I in an non air-conditioned hall doing a Theatresports workshop – great fun but you know… hot.

Afterwards we sank gratefully into our pool which, in the nearly 12 years since we’ve lived in this house, has never been used so much.

No.  Not even when the kids were little.

Yesterday it was 44 degrees.

Commuting isn’t quite so much fun when it is that hot, and me, wearing in my new boots (see photo above).



My red sweaty face panting up the hill with my clumpy boots stomping along the pavement.

And of course the train was delayed.

Today is hot… and humid.

38 degrees.

Too hot to feel hungry, but I’m worried.

Next week I head to York for my archeological dig. Remember that?

I have my boots (as discussed), the tiniest of trowels – isn’t it cute – and The Archeologist’s Field Handbook which is now my constant companion.

Already I’ve learned some useful stuff like:

How to work out where north is from an analogue watch

  1. Point the number 12 on your watch towards the sun
  2. North will always lie mid-way between the hour hand and the number 12
  3. Obviously this isn’t going to work when the sun is directly overhead or during the night

See – you knew it was worth reading this post today didn’t you?

Next time you’re lost in the bush without a compass – think of me.

Well… think of me when you make it to safety using the analogue watch method.

If you have a digital watch… I can’t help you – you eighties retro you!

Anyway as I was saying, I’m worried.

Worried that it will be unbearably hot.

40 degrees I can handle for a day or two, 44 is getting ridiculous.

Fingers crossed for a cool change.

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