Summer days

Port Beach

I took this photo down at Port Beach, just behind Salt (Port Beach Cafe).

The kids were having a great time finding old bottles and generally being kids on a hot afternoon in Perth.

Having a bit of wild time while presumably their parents were having a cold one or two inside.

To me, this is what summer holidays are all about.

Finding a bit of wild time.

I haven’t found a lot of wild time this holiday but I did have good fun playing with PW Photography’s action set.

Above is Old West.

Below, B&W.

Port Beach

And this is Vintage:

Port Beach

For this photo I think I like Old West the best… what do you think?

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  1. The old west is definitely the best. I think sepia only works if the people being photographed are dressed in 1800’s style clothing. or any other earlier time frame, you know what I mean.

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