Four shopping days

“Happy place, happy place.”

There are only four days til Christmas to finish (er make that start) my Christmas shopping.

And in reality – make that one and a half.

I’m playing Bridge on Tuesday afternoon, hair and tanning on Wednesday, Thursday two functions to attend, so really… I’m looking at today.


Which is why I’m chanting “happy place” in my head and distracting myself with photos like this one… taken by Dippity:


3 Replies to “Four shopping days”

  1. Tanning… you do tanning? Great – I feel even more embarrassed!!! 😉 The XO has accomplished an amazing feat this year. All Christmas shopping done and completed – and with more than half the costs cut!

    If I didn’t have the XO’s support in this area, I’d be completely stuffed! 😉

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