I’ve always wondered how to rag hair so that you get ringlets – you know, like in Little Women or I guess Little House on the Prairie.

So yesterday I checked out this video and had a go, using Dippity as my model.


It was much easier than I thought it was.

Doesn’t she look cute?


This morning at about 8 o’clock, and believe me, that is very early for my little chicken, she asked me to help her take out the rags.



Miss Scarlett, eat your heart out!

It really worked.


Guess how soon after this photo was taken that Dippity jumped in the shower to wash it out?


About 30 seconds.

Ah well, at least she won’t rush out to get a perm now.

Mission accomplished.

Although… thinking about it… how many manga characters have curly hair?



A perm is probably low risk.

2 Replies to “Ringlets!”

  1. Nice ringlets. I don’t think it would be too uncomfortable for sleeping, it’s only soft rags, but if they’re tied with a knot that could get a bit bumpy…

    Ha Ha at 8am being early. For me at 8am half my working shift is over already and I’m looking forward to going home.

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