Oh my goodness… the hair!


How gorgeous is the hair? And she is only 4 months old.

My babies were bald bald bald.

And now for the proud grandparents…



And my mum:


The baby is the new daughter of my friend K who lives in Hong Kong – soon to move to Dubai.

We grew up together.

Every year our families had Christmas Dinner together and the tradition continues.

4 Replies to “Oh my goodness… the hair!”

  1. Wow! That’s more hair than any of mine had until they were 2-3 years old. Mine were baldies too. Well almost. The fuzzy wisps were so fine they could hardly be seen except on the brunette.

  2. Hahaha… the lucky little fella! Reminds me of F (No 2 son) when he had his wild hair… although that young lad there has proper deadly red hair!

    Should they be recasting Harry Potter in years to come – you’ll have to tip this young bloke into the mix – he looks just like what I’d expect a young Rupert Grint to look like haha 😉

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