Bark watchers


Dippity and I went down to UWA today to go to an upmarket in the Undercroft.

We had to walk down the main drag to the Guild to get some money out and of course it was a chance for me to remember 25 years ago, my first day at university. 

Ahhhh they were good days…

We walked past the Oak Lawn and watched some medieval knights and ladies doing their hey nonny nonny thang.

We laughed at the AW building.

Awful isn’t it.

*Dippity face plants in reaction to terrible mum joke*

We wandered through that tropical garden in front of the Reid Library.

I love that garden.

It’s so lush.

So we’re wandering through it and the trees just tower over you and Dipp finds this flower.

Surrounded by all that sandstone architecture, by the beautiful gardens she finds a single flower to photograph.

Well… I’m a fan of that macro button as well.

This violet reminds me of something I recently heard – I think it was someone talking about the GFC – one of those people putting together those mortgage packages for big banks to buy – the things that caused this recession.

He said “you know those people who can’t see the wood for the trees… well we couldn’t even see the trees.  All we could see was bark…”

Bark watchers.

I love that phrase.