A literal rant

Is it just me or am I the only one who is noticing how often the word ‘literally’ is used?

this photo literally has nothing to do with the post

“I was literally going to the shops…”

“That is literally the best movie I’ve ever seen!”

It is the new ‘like’.

I, like, hate it.

But you know what?

I hate it even more when the word is pronounced lit-er-al-ly.

For me, literally should be pronounced the same way as you’d pronounce actually and virtually.

People – it’s act-shul-ly, virt-chew-ly and lit-tra-ly.

Now I know my friends in the United States say all four syllables… well good on them.

For me, all four syllables is like fingernails down a blackboard.

Literally and for that matter, virtually and actually.


Control your use!

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  1. I literally haven’t paid attention to the use (or overuse) of the word “literally”.

    I’m literally more irritated by the misuse of ‘your’ to mean ‘you are’.

    And yes, “literally” was said with 4 syllables in my head. Sorry.

    Not really, but I wanted to be polite, LOL.

  2. “It was so funny I literally wet my pants.”

    “Wow, that must have been embarrassing.”


    “Wetting your pants.”

    Looking at me like I’m out of my mind. “I didn’t really wet my pants.”

    Yes, it seems to have become a word that is used for emphasis, rather than meaning. One day the meaning as some of us still know it will be listed in the dictionary under ‘archaic’.

  3. Hi Angelika,

    When did I do that?! I hate that too.

    In this post the only use of the word ‘your’ is possessive.

    “Control you are use!” would not make sense.

    So is there somewhere else?


    Actually re-reading your comment – you weren’t implying that I made that mistake were you? I have to say that the thought that I might have gave me the heebie-jeebies! 🙂

  4. BTW – I checked with SCOSE – the Standing Committee on Spoken English in Australia…

    /’litruhlee, ‘lituhruhlee/.

    SCOSE says the first mentioned pronunciation indicates it’s the most used.


  5. Oh I agree with you so much on this one.

    I also ABHOR the mis-pronunciation of schedule as SKEDULE (and yeah, I know our American friends pronounce it that way) when it should be SHEDULE.


    And I’m in complete agreement with Angelika on the misuse of your instead of you’re. I don’t think she was implying that YOU did that… just a general observation of the decline of our written language.

    AND, while I’m here…. confusing “I” and “ME”. Take away the other person people! You wouldn’t say “Me twittered all day today” so why say “Cellobella and me twittered all day today”???? Not that I did. Twitter, that is.

    Thanks for letting me get that all off my chest.

    And I still love all of my friends who make the above mistakes. I just NOTICE them. That’s all.

    Just as I hope that they still love me despite the fact that 90% of my sentences begin with “And”.

  6. The decline of correct grammar is sad. So sad. Written more so than speech. With written I can see the mistakes and get highly irritated. With speech I can pretend I didn’t hear it and blame my poor hearing.
    Odd how literally has taken over from whatever was before it. Can anyone remember what was before it? Can anyone predict the next most popular word?

  7. I also hate it when people say ‘I’ll tell you the truth…’ what? You weren’t telling me the truth before??

    Not ‘strewth’ , I like that, and that’s fair dunkum.

    (I always love your ‘days without alcohol’ gauge which often says 0, it’s great) 🙂

  8. It has been a while since I dropped by and just came across your site again… it is good to see you are doing well.. and yep, I am still waiting on my China adoption… ho hum…

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