Bogan Pride

by Cellobella on Sunday, February 1, 2009 · 2 comments

There seems to be an increasing trend for Australian motorists to attach Aussie flags to their cars on the Australia Day Long Weekend.

The fashion seems to be either two flags poking proudly up from the front or back windows or perhaps one wagging like a friendly dog’s tail off the back aerial.

Occassionally you’ll see a very patriotic sort with both and perhaps even a full sized flag, creating quite a bit of drag I would think (flag drag?), but that’s usually only if towing a trailer or boat.

I confess I’m not sure how I feel about all this wrapping oneself up in the flag business.

I’m all for a bit of national pride – a bit of “aren’t we lucky to be living in such a great place” fervour – and in the past even toyed with the idea of an Aussie flag bikini, although it’s true, not recently.

I quite like the idea of a big fireworks display in the middle of fire season, not that I can bear the day long picnic that goes with it.

The Australia Day Awards bring a tear to my eye and frankly I’d rather be Australian than anything else.

This flag waving thing, it’s tribal isn’t it?

And who is in this club? 

From my observations – white Australians.

Are we turning Australia Day into White Australia Day?

When does pride in one’s country cross the line to redneck jingoism… bogan pride?

Or worse… racism?


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