So hot and so grey

It’s so hot.

So hot I can’t think, I can’t breathe.

The sweat pools under my breasts, slides over my stomach and drops on my thighs as I type, I’m sticking to the leather chair.

I can’t bear the thought of organising dinner, of even thinking about dinner, which might be a good thing except for the two teenagers who are hungry after their first day back at school.

I’m wearing a gossimer thin sarong tied in a knot above my breasts – it’s too hot even for cloth on my shoulders, for a bra.  And I’m wearing undies.

Frankly I feel over-dressed but my children became unexpectedly prudish about a mother cooking in the nude.

“Is that er… even hygenic?”

And to complete the misery not only am I about to melt like the Wicked Witch of the West into a puddle on the floor but I’m finally over my grey hair.

It’s so grey.

Ever since I read Going Grey last year, I’ve been on the road to letting my hair grow out, that’s partly why I got the short hair cut, but you know… I just don’t think I’m ready.

Bad enough that I need to be exercising more, controlling my intake more (note how I didn’t say the d-word), that I need to increase my reading glasses strength… I’m only 42 for crying out loud – I’m not ready.

I was watching Oprah last night – Mum taped the program and saved it for me to watch – and it was all about embracing your age – but none of the stars, guests that she interviewed had grey hair.  Not even any of the “real people” had grey hair – except for one sad grandmother who has suffered from depression ever since her kids left home.

I don’t want to be in the sad camp!

So I’m going to dye my hair again.  Get back on that treadmill of dyeing and roots and throwing money at the problem.

I’ll let you know how I go on Saturday.

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  1. Do you dye your own hair? If you go to a hairdresser for the dyeing, see if it can be done in a shade close to the natural one with streaks to mimic the grey ones. Then you’ll get a look at how it will be without the “skunk” stripe of regrowth. You might decide you like it and any regrowth won’t be so obvious. If you don’t like it, just dye over it again….

  2. Ugh, hear hear, it is too hot to do ANYTHING!

    And don’t worry about going grey – I have more grey hair than you and I’m only 25! And OF COURSE I dye regularly!!

  3. My sister started going grey at 25….count your blessings….and now that she is 40….yup, she still takes the time to dye it. Embrass who you are…not your hair color!!!

  4. I hear you, both about the heat and the grey hair. I dye my own hair though with colour I mix up myself. I think it’s better than the packet -already mixed – stuff.

  5. I watched Meryl Streep in ‘The Devil wears Prada’ last night and thought if my hair went that silvery overnight I could live with it but not white, grey and brown on the same head.

  6. Ha! Oh to have enough hair on the top of my head to turn grey!

    It’s all relative I guess… hair gave up on me a while ago (I blame all those Army and Navy uniform hats lol – must see Vet Affairs about THAT one some day lol), and for a joke, I shaved it off… the XO liked it, and the new look stayed. Backfired quite nicely I guess… sighhhhh!

    As to the heat – I’m going back up north in a few weeks – it’s going to be HOT in Roebourne – sheesh! Cheers

  7. Well, I am 47 and very very grey, well very silver and have been for about 17 years…..must have been having the first of my two wonderful!!!! teenage daughters. There is just a hint of my old colour lurking at the back of my head now the rest is a rather nice colour.

    The kids, hubby (who is blond and has hardly any grey hair)and various other members of my extended family have all tried to persuade me to dye it but I am sticking to my guns, some women pay to have hair the same colour as mine.

  8. They pay for it? Really? Maybe I should ask for grey to be put all over my head! Maybe not. 🙂

    And Meryl Streep I notice hasn’t kept that silver hairdo. 😉

    Groover by the way is pissed that I didn’t tell him I was over the grey before I told you guys.

    I guess I was just too hot. 🙂

  9. Hazel – I’m with you. And if the problem doesn’t go away it doesn’t prove that “throwing money at the problem” is a shallow and futile response, it may just mean you haven’t thrown ENOUGH money at the problem.

    PS – This comment in no way relates to Government responses to Global Financial Meltdowns or spousal “I hate my wardrobe” moments.

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