Should you wear a wig to an outdoor concert?

I’m sure this is a question that’s been on your mind for some time now and luckily, right here on Redsultana, I can advise you with some experience.

The pros:
You don’t have to wash your hair, no one can see your greys, it remains effortlessly neat.  When the temperature drops after dark, your head stays warm.
The cons:
It’s a bit hot and uncomfortable. As the hair was lighter than my natural hair it did fly about a bit. And it was difficult to know if all my natural hair was remaining undercover.

In short, I probably wouldn’t again.  Grey hair?  It’s distinguished.  🙂

And don’t you love the guy in the background getting into the shot.  It’s a close community up there in picnic blanket land.

I was at the John Mellencamp concert, supported by Sheryl Crow and another artist called Toby… who, now I think about it, I think is a friend of my cousin.

It was quite warm out there in the country and there were a few flies… and a few fashion victims.

This girl was my pick of the day.

I think it’s the skull socks.

Teamed with the little halfway booties they are a picture… but then add the white tights and wow.  Who was going to beat that?

Certainly not me in my wig.

And what do you think happened here?

It’s just not a good look.

And no.  That’s not my blanket.

6 Replies to “Should you wear a wig to an outdoor concert?”

  1. LOL at the skull socks and the ‘wet spot.’ Scratching my head at the lighter though. LOL!

    My hair always looks like I’ve moped the floor with it by the time an outdoor event in the heat is over. The wig idea makes sense!

  2. Hah, I don’t even OWN a wig but if I did, I might wear it. Actually, I do own one but it’s blue and we bought it to wear to our hockey team’s finals a few years back. I’ll have to put the pic up someday. I love the guy in the background, I do that when I accidentally walk into a picture, smile like I belong in it. That sounds like a great concert, I didn’t know they were touring over there. And that was ME with the skull socks! Ok, not really but I had you fooled.

  3. Good idea to tie something around the wig so that it wouldn’t accidentally fly off!
    And that blanket looks familiar! Beer, in a terribly flimsy plastic cup, between my legs, not a good combo. 🙂

  4. If you hadn’t mentioned it I would never have guessed that was a wig. I would have just said” oh she’s had a haircut…..”
    That skull socks outfit does look a little weird.

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