Shoe heaven again!

Hello from way up here!  Up here in the stratosphere!

Aren’t these shoes great.  Okay I know they are probably not to everyone’s taste… Groover and Dippity don’t like them… but I think they are fab.

I haven’t bought a pair of shoes for AGES so I’m very excited.

And they weren’t too expensive.  🙂

Can’t run in them though…

15 Replies to “Shoe heaven again!”

  1. Ok now this is not just about your blog (which is awesome by the way)

    But i was wondering if u could put ME in your links and help me out with changing the color 4 mine and yea cya love ya mum

  2. I think they are cute! Can you wear them when the weather is cool though w/ the open toe?

    I’d wear ’em. I could use some new shoes. I need something for fall/winter 2008. LOL

  3. Actually they look a little pinker in the photo than they actually are – it’s more a cream colour.

    Thanks Lori!

    Of course I can Dipp. 🙂 You could, you know, just talk to me… we do live in the same house!

    Elisa… possibly not, but we’re heading into spring/summer here in Perth – in winter I usually wear my knee-high boots. 🙂

  4. gorgeous, gorgeous……..GORGEOUS…….im so jealous…and they will be FABULOUS for avoiding snake bites this summer….just wear socks so they can’t nip your toes. LOL

  5. Mum..We do O.O like since when…oh yer my whole life…-.- i dont u would like me waking u up though sooooooo PUT ME IN THE LINKS >.<

    Luv ya Mum

    Shoes are cute

  6. Feline – Instyle – next to the Boatshed in Cottesloe. 🙂

    Dipp – Okay already. O.O = face to face right?

    Kelli – socks?!!! After you my dear. hehe.

    Mrs Bear – he may borrow them any time he likes.

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