Motivation for the un-fit

Don’t worry.  This won’t be a long post about how painful my ten days of intense fitness training are proving, or how pathetic I looked at the top of the DNA tower in Kings Park after the eighth time.  No.

in step

I simply want to share with you two quotes and ask you which you’d find more motivational to keep exercising.

1.  Your 16 year old son says – “Mum those pants are too tight.  It looks like you’ve got a front bottom!”

2.  Your husband says to you – “Don’t give up.  Pain is just weakness leaking out of your body.”

Both have been said to participants in my fitness group… so I guess you could say both work.

But do they work for you?

Creative Commons License photo credit: patrick dentler

3 Replies to “Motivation for the un-fit”

  1. For me the number one quote would work better, but rather than see me exercising more, I’d probably buy a larger size in pants and cut down on the number of sweet snacks. Unfortunately, I do have a “front bottom”, it’s a natural family trait. All my ancestors are built this way. Even as children/teenagers we didn’t have the flat stomach much prized by young and old alike.

  2. Number One would make me cry and eat chocolate. Kids are harsh. Mine tell me I have a big bottom so I tell them it’s only big compared to theirs and by adult standards I have a very good one. I’m getting the brainwashing done early.

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