The see-through wall

Our brick wall

We have a little problem with our walls. They are… thinning a bit.

I’m wondering if all we need is a bit of render…

What do you reckon?

Okay clearly maybe more than a bit.

Our walls were exposed recently when I asked my dad round to help me prune back a grevillia which had grown a little large and was blocking access to our side gate.

I’ll bring my chainsaw said Engineer of the Year, and he did, along with the mulcher.

I love the mulcher. I love the way you feed in a branch and it sucks it in and spits it out in tiny bits… And then you have mulch. It’s just all good.

So of course I got a little carried away – a chainsaw, a mulcher, a parent. The perfect formula for adiosing three trees and a few branches… and the grevillia.

One of the branches came from the bottlebrush tree and smelled like essential oil when it was munched up.

It was a fine afternoon’s work but now the wall is exposed… and seemingly our front garden as well.


UPDATE: In the transfer of hosts of this site some of your comments (and jokes) got lost. So here they are…

River wrote: You just need a new brick. Chip out the old mortar, clean and prepare the surface and cement a new brick in place.

Anita joked: ooooh, did you hear about the invention that lets you see through walls?

A: It’s called a window.

he he he eh ehehe

And again with:
oh oh oh, and then there’s the invention that lets you WALK through walls…

Yes, it’s called a “door”.

chuckle chuckle chuckle

I groaned back with:

They are first class “dad” jokes Anita!

River you’re right and I would bother for one brick. Sadly we have a great many “windows”. I’ll post a photo soon so you can see what I mean.

Jen – thanks 🙂

Joh – yes – but he was under direction. 🙂 I love a man with a chainsaw.

PQ – me too. I wants one.

Flit wrote: yup…that’s pretty thin 🙂

Anita came back with:
Dad jokes for sure!

Just thinking… in Italy you see little holes in walls like this all the time, with metal garnishments to give you sneak peeks into secret worlds… perhaps you could modify this hole somehow to make it look “on purpose”?


To which I replied:
Anita – what I like about you is your positivity!

You’re definitely glass half full!

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  1. You let a man loose on your garden with a chainsaw? Always a recipe for disaster in my family! It is good to have a big prune though. I just hate the temporary nakedness.

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