Inside the Qantas Club

I’m sitting here in Qantas Club showing off to my colleagues. I have my laptop on my knee, a glass of Shiraz on the coffee table and I’m blogging wirelessly but it has to be said, noisily, while chatting with my colleagues (and now friends) waiting for our flights to all parts of the country.

Here is a really crappy video of us in the Qantas Club.

Now of course there are three levels of Qantas Clubness. The high rolling Chairman’s lounge, the platinum members “Business lounge” and what I like to call Pleb Qantas Club. Where we are now. Nice people, free drinks, busy.

Better than hanging out in the waiting lounge, just – although now they have access points for laptops it’s not so bad.

Today in Qantas club the conversations are punctuated with continuous cancelled or delayed flight calls.

What is it with Qantas these days?

Everytime I fly my flight is delayed – usually for last minute maintenance. Now I’m not upset they are making sure that the plane can fly but do they have to wait until the plane is on the tarmac to do it?

It’s ridiculous.

Do the maintenance regularly in the hangers Qantas – you are killing me with all these delays. IF there was ANY competition (that served free drinks) I would travel them.

Yes. That’s how bad you’ve got.

Please sort yourselves out because I like flying the flying kangaroo. I do. I get a little thrill of pride flying my national airline. I love the Aussie accents of the pilots. I hate the brown dresses but the suits are really nice…

You are letting yourselves, your country and your staff down… not to mention your passengers.

Please, I’m begging you. Sort. It. Out.