I like a warm bun


Look I don’t want to complain… actually scratch that… I DO want to complain… what’s with the freezing cold half stale buns they serve you as part of your aeroplane meal?

I can accept that mass meals are never going to be cordon bleu. Yes no matter whose name you stick on the salad container, I’m not expecting miracles. But. I do like a warm bun.

Would it be outrageous to expect even a bun at room temperature?

Even if they are not stale, they taste it because they are so cold.

Am I alone?

Or do you sit there cradling your bun in your hands so that you can eat it without breaking a tooth.

And while I’m ranting… butter wouldn’t hurt. As opposed to that rank tasting “dairy spread”.

I like a buttered bun.


Flying over the nullabor (or some place near it) recently, I snapped this view of the land below. Don’t you think it is amazing? Like some alien landscape…

nullabor view