Oh woof! When friends get dogs…

I’m being unreasonable.

I’ve just found out one of my best friends is getting two red setter puppies next weekend.

Looking at that cutie above I can understand the attraction, and they’ve recently been burgled, and her husband loves dogs, but meh. It’s just annoying!

Now they’ll have to look after them! Now we won’t be able to skive off down south for a few days at a moment’s notice… not that we did – but we could have.

Now, we’re the only family we know without pets!

Before it was them and us, standing together, citing the ease of travelling, and not talking about exorbitant vet bills

Before, we could sit back, drinking our wine saying “at least we don’t have pets to worry about…”

No longer.


Life won’t be the same.

Oh yes I’m unreasonable. I need to get over it. And yes I’ll probably want to cuddle one of those cute little puppies… at least once. 🙂

Bah humbug.