The best four year old party

I’ve been to quite a few parties for four-year-olds in my time but today’s at a neighbourhood gym for my nephew, was the best.

Now my judgement may have been skewed by the fact that at 13 and 10, my children didn’t need close supervision, actually on reflection that was probably a big part of it, but the main reason I enjoyed this party was because I got the chance to let my inner child go.

I also loved the trampolining made even better by the terrific guy who ran the place who gave tips to adults and kids alike and was pretty good himself.

Usually I hate kids parties. Especially when they’re not my own kids. You don’t know the other adults who are distracted by their kids running amok, high on sugar and fast food. You sit there being polite when what you’d rather be is sat in the car reading your book.

But this time, despite the maxi-dress, I got into it. And I especially liked it when the trampoline man complimented me on my pointed toes.