Knowledge and Wisdom

Groover surprised me with this gem today as we flew back from Karratha – he’d heard it on a podcast:

Knowledge is knowing that the tomato is a fruit, wisdom is knowing not to put it in fruit salad.


The Burrup

So Karratha? I hear you ask. Of course! Where else would your lover take you for Valentine’s Day but a fairly ordinary motel in one of the fastest growing towns in the north west. It was hot. You forgot for a while as you listened to the hum and rattle of the massive air conditioning unit while drifting off to sleep…

But the moment you stepped out the door – bam – it hits you like a furnace.

We were both there for work and given Groover’s previous descriptions I anticipated the worst, but you know, I kinda liked it. I love the outback dirt, the spinifex, the red hot rocks of the Burrup.

We were cyclone watching and tonight it is still heading straight for Port Hedland. Maybe Sunday.

All we can do – like a pregnant woman – is wait.

And hope for the best.