The Apology

ABC News - members of the stolen generation listen to Rudd's apologyDriving to the airport today I asked the taxi driver to turn on the radio so I could hear Kevin Rudd apologise to the Stolen Generations.

I was completely moved to tears. It felt to me like a new dawn, a new beginning and I felt privileged to be alive and through listening, witness to this moment.

The other day a friend of mine was describing a speech given at the opening of the Festival – so this story is third hand. She said he told the story of a painting – I think done by the Carrolup artists – a painting of footsteps. He asked the significance of the painting which to his eye – didn’t look that exciting – and was told that the footprints were those of children taken away. The parents fenced off the footprints in the sand made by their children as that was the last tangible thing they had to hold on to.

I don’t know if that’s a true story – but it sounds true – heart breakingly true – and that’s why today is so important for us all.