Reflections on a good person

I went to Matt Price’s funeral today. It was beautiful. St Josephs was decked in Christmas decorations and white lillies and the sun shone sweetly in through the stained glass windows. I sat towards the back of the church and I couldn’t see the band but they had live music playing some beautiful music. He was a man who liked his live music.

It was a who’s who of politicians and media, familiar faces both, but they took second stage to Matt. It was, as the priest said – Mattstown.

I’m finding it hard to write about. I feel I can’t do him justice. What effrontery! Attempting to match him with words. It ain’t going to happen. 🙂

I didn’t know Matt well. He didn’t know me well but I felt I owed him the respect of being there. I wanted Sue and her children to know that he was worth making time for. They do know that of course. And I wanted to support my colleagues who did know him well.

Death is the great leveller. As we filed into the crematorium I found myself walking in just in front of Kevin Rudd, who was just one of the hundreds, there to say farewell to a great Australian.

And Matt’s legacy? His writing? His books? Film of his television work? No. I think it’s love. Shining strongly from his wife and his kids, his family and friends. They are his true legacy.

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