Reflections on a good person

by Cellobella on Friday, November 30, 2007

I went to Matt Price’s funeral today. It was beautiful. St Josephs was decked in Christmas decorations and white lillies and the sun shone sweetly in through the stained glass windows. I sat towards the back of the church and I couldn’t see the band but they had live music playing some beautiful music. He was a man who liked his live music.

It was a who’s who of politicians and media, familiar faces both, but they took second stage to Matt. It was, as the priest said – Mattstown.

I’m finding it hard to write about. I feel I can’t do him justice. What effrontery! Attempting to match him with words. It ain’t going to happen. :)

I didn’t know Matt well. He didn’t know me well but I felt I owed him the respect of being there. I wanted Sue and her children to know that he was worth making time for. They do know that of course. And I wanted to support my colleagues who did know him well.

Death is the great leveller. As we filed into the crematorium I found myself walking in just in front of Kevin Rudd, who was just one of the hundreds, there to say farewell to a great Australian.

And Matt’s legacy? His writing? His books? Film of his television work? No. I think it’s love. Shining strongly from his wife and his kids, his family and friends. They are his true legacy.

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Colin Campbell December 2, 2007 at 8:31 pm

He was an extraordinary Australian. I only got to know him this year as I got interested in politics. He was amazing, the way he presented himself in print, in his blog, television and on the radio. I felt selfishly cheated that he could not be part of the election campaign. It seems quite ironic that he missed on probably one of the most interesting election campaigns in some time. I am interested in the cross party support for him and the coverage of his life and work in the media.

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