The demise of the real Christmas Tree

Christmas 2005I’ve been running this little poll on the left hand side there about the type of Christmas Tree we choose for our homes and I’m surprised by the early results.

So far everyone has said they have a fake tree that looks real and I confess so do we.

I never used to. I always insisted on a live tree in a pot which I kept outside all year and brought in. The last one of these we used was an Albany Woolly Bush which have lovely soft leaves.

We also used a conifer in years past, now retired to the front garden.

In Broome, I had a ficus.

When I grew up I can remember we either had the carefully tended potted tree or one of those YMCA cut trees which slowly died and dropped it’s needles but smelled fantastic.

About four years ago, Groover went out and bought an enormous “real looking” fake Christmas tree and we’ve been using that ever since. It’s about 8 feet tall and lives most of the year in a large box in the back room.

It looks fantastic, creates much less mess, and I suppose is “green” in that I’m not killing a tree. However, a small part of me laments the lack of a real tree.

What do you do?