Skin and Bone by Kathryn Fox

Oh how I wish I was referring to my current size but no, this is Kathryn Fox’s latest murder novel which I have just read. It is part of the Big Book Club.

The story is about Detective Kate Farrer. She returns to work after being off sick seemingly after being tortured by some toerag – details perhaps in an earlier novel. Her new partner Oliver seems inexperienced, yet intelligent and keen and her first week takes her to the scene of a house fire where some unfortunate woman has perished. Almost as soon as she is assigned this case, she’s pulled off it to investigate the disappearance of a wealthy man’s daughter… and it appears the homicide unit is under surveillence – just for some added spice.

Kate reminds me of Barbara Havers from Elizabeth George’s Inspector Lynley series (a great series). She is work focussed, unkempt, slovenly at home and yet a great solid detective.

The cover bills Kathryn Fox as better than Patricia Cornwell and Kathy Reichs. I’m not so sure. Certainly it is close. I didn’t get the level of science I get in a Reichs novel, nor the amount of character development that I get in Cornwell.

I think this is like Elizabeth George lite. An enjoyable read set in Australia (which I enjoyed being the parochial soul that I am). An author to watch.