Thank you Marcia

Those fateful words are probably what sealed the deal as far as the voting public were concerned. 

Miss “I’m not fake!” Tarasai who stomped her pretty little feet and pouted her lips to an unimpressed judging panel then thanked Judge Marcia Hines for saying nothing.

You are pathetic! Cried the watching audience throwing soft furniture at their television sets as they settled back to watch Carl reminisce about his winning form that took him to the top two this week.

Shit.  Natalie thought as she stood next to Tarasai.  WTF do I need to do to impress these people.   Surely standing on the piano in four inch heels was enough?!

No Natalie, despite your touchdown performance we were only impressed with you until Dicko pointed out that Chrissie Amphlett would have leapt onto the baby grand without the aid of steps – and she wouldn’t have accepted help getting down either just by the by.  (I thought you was robbed!)

Matt – we thought you were going to cry – we weren’t about to say goodbye to your lovely green eyes…

And Marty.  As the others implode around you – you have become the Steven Bradbury of Australian Idol.  Enough said.