Trick or treating – do you let your kids beg for lollies

We don’t normally do the Halloween thing apart from making sure there are some lollies in the house just in case kids come a knocking.

Our kids don’t really do it mainly because of the apathy of their parents who frankly could care less…

The only ‘encounter’ we’ve really had is when Groover hit the security panic button (which called the cops) when he saw some teenage youths lurking around his car out the front.

Turned out they were trick and treaters throwing eggs at each other.

He was impressed with the quick attention of the police officers though rather embarrassed when they arrived. Teehee.

This year Junior Poshi is very keen to dress up and pester the neighbour for sweets. Her friend’s mum has offered to take her with them and well… okay then. Not that we need the hyper-results of all that sugar not to mention the dental bills (bah humbug!).

And this year our street has become organised… this arrived yesterday for our consideration:

Dear Neighbour,

As I’m sure you are aware Halloween is upon us once again much to the lolly-makers delight…

In order to bring some semblance of order to the ritual begging that takes place on this most auspicious of occasions, we thought it might be an idea to give everyone an option ot opt-in or opt-out of being disturbed on All Hallows Eve…

So, if you are up for being hassled, doling out goodies and generally being visited by lots of children dressed to thrill then please put this ballon on your door or gate…

—if you’d prefer the quiet life, then just don’t put anything balloon shaped outside!!!

We’ll tell the kids to just hunt selectively… at balloon marked houses…

Thanks in advance, etc

How good is that?!

I think it might be the product of quite a young suburb – the average age is 39 where we live – quite a few families living in our street so lots of kids. And the parents, on the whole (apart from us) are pretty much over-protective… which is interesting because we’re the ones who don’t let our kids out.

What do you do on Halloween – is your street as organised?