Sweetly smiling (even at the worst pick up lines)

Blogpond’s Meg awarded me the You Make Me Smile Award! Thank you. It made me smile. 🙂

You Make me Smile

I’d like to pass this back across the Nullabor to Carol, whose exploits in a Sydney Swans commercial really did make me smile, to I Drew whose witty observations are appreciated, and also to Feline Groovy because she always cheers me up – and introduced me to saying “Shhhhh” everytime we go past the turn off to Secret Harbour on the way down south. 🙂

I went out last Friday night.

Yes I know you think it’s amazing and it was because I rarely go out to a pub on a Friday night – or any night for that matter. In fact to illustrate how rare it is, I started off at the wrong pub.

I thought I was meeting my friend at Black Toms in Subiaco… at the Vic right. But Black Toms hasn’t been there for four or five years. Oh no. It’s been on Ord St in West Perth. So I’m standing around looking out for my friend in the wrong suburb.

Which leads me to my entry into “The Best Pick-Up Lines Contest” on The King Speaks.

I was standing with my friend leaning on the piano, as you do, at the real Black Toms some half an hour later. Holding a rather nice Shiraz and looking if not hot, at least more relaxed when a fairly well sauced (and by that I mean he’d been on the sauce for a while) mining type came up to me and said (this is my entry):

Hey! Where have you been all my life?

He held my attention until he started bagging Perth. I mean, you don’t have to like it – but I don’t want to hear it. Not when I’m out to have a good time without you. I don’t want to spend my Friday night defending my home town to some inebriated idiot from Brisbane. Don’t like it? I’m sure you know where the airport is. (Whoops, starting to rant again…)

So the line did get him a (short) conversation…

Have you ever been to a Parliamentary press gallery? I was up at Parliament House in Perth today (just down the road from Black Toms incidentally) and wandered in to admire the view.

What amused (and a little appalled) me was the graffitti on the press gallery bench. The long wooden shelf was covered in names, obscenities (though admittedly some were quite clever ones) and commentary.

I was amused because I saw so many names belonging to my colleagues or former colleagues many who have done great and good things with their careers.

And I was a little bit appalled because it is such a beautiful building, it felt sacreligious to have defaced it.

On balance though I’m glad it’s there as it has turned into a rich multilayered work of art. An anthropological survey of Parliamentary journalism through the decades.

It also goes to show how boring Parliament must be sometimes!

I wonder who was the first to write their name?