Shopping to impress

I went shopping on Saturday to buy a suit for my interview.  It’s not easy to find a suit that… well… suits!

Eventually I found a Perri Cutten suit that was lovely but too eveningy – if you know what I mean… I needed something a bit more… hip hop and happenin’.

Also it was $710 and I didn’t want the job that badly.

Today with a cold dulling my senses I went home early to “prepare” and found myself in a clothes shop looking for a colourful top to go with my black pants.

I selected several pieces off the racks and started trying things on.  Nothing I chose really “did” it for me. I tend to go for wide bottomed pants and tighter tops but the lass in the store found this top that just made me look pregnant – which is okay if you are and not, if you’re not, if you know what I mean – funky pregnant but pregnant – anyway she suggests I try the top on with skinny leg pants.

Well I never go for the skinny leg – not having them you see – but I humoured her, and even wore a wide belt just below the bust and voila.  I looked good!

And felt good – despite the cold – having bought two pieces I would never have chosen by myself.  Which just goes to show… that I’m not a fashionista, one, and two not to completely ignore  the suggestions of the sales staff.