Snot is my life at the moment. Snot and tissues. If I’m without tissues, I sneeze.

Isn’t it funny how you often sneeze in threes. I rarely sneeze just the once and I’m a violent sneezer. Is sneezer a word? Anyhoo, I’m sick. I’ve done the inhales, I’ve rubbed mum’s essential oil mix on my feet (and anywhere else I could reach). I’ve drunk straight lemon juice and eaten salad for lunch. Still sick.

I’ve given my details to the lady in the pharmacy and got me some DRUGS.

Unluckily of course this cold happened to happen on the day of my interview, but fortunately we’re having a break from bridge this week so I got to bed early to feel sorry for myself.

And now that I have me some DRUGS, I’ll soon be able to go back to the office to infect everyone else.

What? Where do you think I got this thing from anyway?!