Shhhh… Secret Squirrel!

Remember that old cartoon?  I loved secret squirrel… well I don’t know if I loved the cartoon so much as saying “Shhhhh Secret Squirrel!”  It debuted the year before I was born for crying out loud!

He’s kind of cute though dontcha think?  And for ten points name his offsider?  [answer]

Anyway all this sneaking around is just a way to get to some exciting news from my work.  We have finally got 24/7 streaming up.  We’re just testing our system so it’s not official yet… I only asked for this feature in 2000 so it’s nice that seven years later we’re finally rocking and rolling.  You’re the first to know… Shhhhh

Oh and one more thing… had a call from a fellow complaining about something and we ended up talking about the price of reading glasses and how ridiculously expensive they are.  He gave me a great tip – buy online.  Yes even prescription glasses.  He reckons they take around two weeks and are as good as you’d get by going into an optometrist… Of course they probably won’t have Roger Henley frames… 🙂