Smart Traveller Not Me

Thirdcat asks how my teetotalling is going…  pretty well actually.  I was alcohol free until Friday night when I had one glass of red, and tonight I’ve had a mere sip and moved on to a cup of tea.  So that’s practically giving up isn’t it?  I mean I don’t want to be pious and annoying about it… 🙂

Today I went shopping.  I’ve agreed to MC a ball and obviously need a new frock (shoes, hair, stockings, makeup, handbag) so I went shopping.  Determined to buy something bright and colourful I’ve chosen something black again and spend the entire fee I will be charging. Which is ridiculous.  And then I left my credit card in the ATM.

So now I have a cancelled credit card which is going to make things… awkward.

But I do have a cute frock.

And I used my SmartRider card for the first time – its great to use. But I think I forgot to tag off…. so I’d better go and do that.  Not the most successful of days…