Another two reasons I don’t have cats…

I was party to but not participating, apart from the obligatory gutteral expressions where necessary – and they were necessary, in a conversation at work today between two cat-loving colleagues.

One colleague’s cat – Pooky The Wonder Cat – has a weird coughing affliction which happens randomly and sounds as if the cat is choking to death. As the cat won’t cough on demand, the owners have been following it around for days trying to film its coughing for the vet. What the?

The other – and this is worse… way worse – has a 7-year-old male cat called Miles who is in hospital this week getting his urinary tract sorted out. Apparently he had crystals which grew in his penis which caused him immense pain. So yesterday they were sticking a needle up his woohoo – yuck. My colleague says she can usually control it by giving Miles tablets, making him drink water and – ewwww – massaging his penis.

I reckon he’s pretending to be sick. 🙂