Yes I’ve just been to the pool shop.  What is it with pool chemicals – why are they SO expensive?

Still with a 40 degree day on the horizon and no chlorine (apparently) in the pool – had to grin and bear it…

This morning I went to the funeral of my Dad’s sister Margaret. The service was held in a tiny church – All Saints – in Henley Brook.  The church barely holds 50 people and was a lovely setting to say farewell to her.

Dad did the eulogy which was lovely – I heard one lady behind me say “That was beautiful.  She was exactly like that”, which I guess is a pretty good rating.  Afterwards we had tea and sandwiches in the cloisters next door. Very good catering – perfect I thought for the mood of the occasion.

There was quite a big turn out. A lot of my cousins were there, obviously all of Aunty Marg’s kids but also Aunty June’s and it was nice to catch up with them.  A shame someone has to die for us to get together.  My cousins are (mostly) quite a bit older than I am and a lot of their kids are young adults now.  There were also a lot of Marg’s friends and I met a girl I went to college with who had stayed with Aunty Marg in Dongara for a time.  I was impressed that a group of Dad’s friends went along to support him.  It was really nice to see them there.

I took my two.  They behaved themselves well although my boy took ill part the way through and ended up spending most of the service in the car.

And there was one really good strong singer just behind me.  It was great.  He knew the tune and his volume meant that I could sing the hymns in safety.  Should be one in every crowd.  Imagine if we all sang loudly in church.  How cool would that be?

Anyway the acid calls me – must be added 15 minutes after the chlorine shock – see ya.