That is a very funny joke

We have been amusing ourselves this weekend by telling eachother pirate jokes. It all started on Big Brother the other night when Jamie told a pirate joke in front of Big Brother (yes we watch it… get over it.)

Jamie: Why are pirates, pirates? Because they arrrrrgh.
BB: That is a very funny joke, say it one hundred times.

Which of course reminded us of the pirate alphabet… abcdefghijklmnopq – arrrrrgh -stuvwxyz.

And then we thought up:

What religion are pirates? Arrrrrrgh C.

What do pirates sit on? Their Arrrrrrse (Thanks AB)

Feel free to add your favourite in the comments bit.

Anyway speaking of religion, we had Jehovah Witnesses knock on our door on Sunday – I guess they figured really religious types would already be at church and we were empty vessels just waiting to be filled with religious fervour. I love it when fundamentalists knock on my door to talk about terrorism – by – you guessed it – fundamentalists. Fish in a barrel.

To change the subject they resorted to quoting the paper at me.

I wonder how Liam Bartlett feels about having his column endorsed and quoted by Jehovah Witnesses…