I went surfing yesterday (yes, me) and have the injuries to prove it.

I was stupidly holding onto my toe rope when a wave ripped it out of my hand and now my hand is really sore. So are my arms and shoulders. But it was fully sick. (note surfing terminology).

The kids got it straight away and my girl in particular looked very Gidget like as she rode (standing up) all the way into the beach. I think both of them are hooked.

I’d tell you who was coaching us… ah but that would be name-dropping and that’s not my style. I learned a few terms though that you might like to drop next time you’re down the beach.

Frothin’ = really good, awesome
Frost = beer
Fully sick = great
Filth = expression of appreciation like Wicked

They all start with the letter F. I don’t know what that means.

I think next time we head south we might sign up for some more lessons…