Thoughts on the Pandemic

I’ve been thinking about HN51 – the avian bird flu – which this week killed some people in Turkey (no bird pun intended).

It reminds me of how we all reacted in 1999 to Y2K. Remember that? There were concerns that power would stop, computers everywhere would malfunction and that there would be widespread chaos.

And then as the clocks ticked over – nothing happened. There was no chaos. Just a big party.

The skeptics were smug.

But there might have been chaos had not computer experts all over the world worked very hard to fix the problem in the year or so leading up to it.

Now we don’t know when the pandemic will happen but surely we should be treating bird flu like Y2K and work as hard as we can to stop the problem.

Then when the danger is passed the skeptics can crow and the rest of us can heave a sigh of relief and know that we worked bloody hard to avoid a catastrophe.