I played Bridge yesterday. Proper in-a-club duplicate bridge. With convention cards (which I didn’t follow) and bidding cards (new to Perth since I last played).

It was great.

I was very nervous and of course the first contract we actually won was doubled. Sigh. My hands were shaking.

I was playing with the girl I learned with. Well I guess technically we’re not “girls” anymore but she looks just the same and I suppose on an average age basis we bring the group down a bit, age-wise. It was so bizarre to be back there – at the table – playing bridge. As if 12 years, two children, careers and life hadn’t got in the way.

She is still the same – still WAY better than me at bridge, still as encouraging, still as punctual. I’m very happy.

Today I thought I’d better read one of the many unopened-for-eight-years bridge books which line my shelves. I was encouraged by remembering most of the playing rules. Tomorrow I’ll look at bidding – that’s the tricky bit. It is such a great game.

It was also a blast to recognise so many faces at the club. We were hoping to catch up with our teacher who usually plays there but he wasn’t there for some reason. Ah well maybe next time.

What you don’t play??