Shoe Blues

I’m not having much luck with shoes recently. First off I was sucked in by a man who obviously does a lot of yoga – you know the type – thin, wiry, wears hemp clothing. You can trust a guy like that can’t you? Well he sold me “The most comfortable shoes I will ever wear”.

They are Earth shoes. Designed so that the heels are lower than the toes which is supposed to make you stand more upright. They are also touted to reduce cellulite. They can take some getting used to – he said – but you will never go back. Hmmmm.

So I bought some slide on scuffy type sandals and put them on. As soon as I started walking in them I felt I was walking on glass (not quite that bad) but I was assured that I just needed to get used to them.

I am going to take them back. Not are they not the most comfortable shoes I will ever wear – I reckon they are the most UNcomfortable. Yes my high heels are more comfortable. The tops of my feet are rubbed raw and my heels are in agony.

Then I went to a cheap discount store and found a cute pair of slingbacks which in fact are a million times more comfy than the Earth shoes. I loved them. Well the heel broke in half on Wednesday. I’ve had a heel come off a shoe before but that is the first time one’s snapped on me – and they are not even high.


So if you see me inappropriately wearing sandshoes it could be that they are my last pair left standing… so to speak.